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It is important to us that we, Sew Soft Furnishing outline our terms and conditions before an order is agreed. Should you have any questions or queries regarding them please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Our initial consultation is free of charge.  The initial consultation is usually where we would understand your requirements, provide advice and take accurate window measurements to be able to provide bespoke made to measure products.  Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of measurements supplied by you, however we are happy to accept your measurements in writing. Any alterations that we have to make to any products, due to you the customer providing inaccurate measurements is likely to incur additional costs.  Follow up visits and consultations to discuss may be subject to a £35 charge. We are happy to send fabric samples to you free of charge.


A full estimate will be provided in writing and will detail the cost of all items to be provided.  Prices for labour are fixed for 3 month from the date of estimate.  Prices quoted for materials and hardware are correct as at the date of this estimate but may be subject to change if suppliers and/or manufactures increase their prices.  You will be notified of any changes to prices before any orders are placed with Suppliers/manufactures.

Hardware Fitting

We will not install any hardware fittings ourselves, however we are happy to supply hardware.

Material Supplied by Sew Soft Furnishing

All materials supplied directly through us through one of our approved Suppliers are guaranteed for quality of material, damage and marks.  They will all be unrolled and inspected before any cuts are made to ensure the fabric is fit for purpose.  When supplying linings, interlinings and blackout linings, we always endeavour to source linings of very high quality. The soft furnishings remaining the property of Sew Soft Furnishing, until payment has been made in full. We do not guaranteed against colour fading.

Material Supplied by Customer

If the customer wishes to purchase material through a third party, that fabric will need to be delivered directly to the customer, unrolled and inspected for any flaws then rerolled and delivered to us.  All fabric supplied by you will not be our responsibility and we will not accept liability for any marks, damage or imperfections.  We will not check the fabric over and will assume that you have done so.  We will not be held responsible for the quality of the final product once completed when fabric is not supplied by us. Please ensure you have ordered enough fabric to complete your work required. It may not be possible to obtain the exact shade at a later date. Some fabric is individually made for the customer. We do not guarantee against colour fading.
If the customer supplies the fabric to us, we will charge a 15% surcharge on our labour prices.  We must charge the surcharge to cover the cost of consultations, calculating fabrics, site visits and fitting of finished products, as when fabric is supplied by us, we make a small margin which we use to cover these costs.


We cannot guarantee availability of products from our suppliers. If an item is out of stock or unavailable, you will be informed as soon as possible in writing.


We cannot guarantee that there will not be any shrinkage in the fabric, and always make allowances where possible. Most fabrics tends to shrink when dry cleaned, humidity or in atmospheric conditions. For example, atmospheric conditions may vary between our workroom and your house, and in different weather and seasons. 5% shrinkage is considered normal.

Blackout Lining

When using blackout lining on curtains and blinds, please be aware that while we will endeavour to provide a total blackout, there may be an element of light that will possibly be able to make its way through.  This could be down to the positioning of curtain tracks and poles and blind headrails.

Roman Blinds

When we make roman blinds, there will be no machine stitching on the front of the face fabric (unless requested) but in order to hold all the layers of material together we will stitch very small discreet stab stitches along the width of the blind in regular intervals.  When this is done on a blackout roman blind, it can sometimes allow a tiny bit of light to show through these stitches, but we will always do our best to reduce this from happening. All roman blind are fitted with child safety devices in accordance to the law. If the customer removes the child safety fittings, Sew Soft Furnishing will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.


When making cushions, we will as standard always include a feather cushion inner.  If you require a microfibre hollow inner please make this known at the time of order otherwise replacement inners will be charged.

Lead Time for Works

At the time of providing our estimate, we will provide you with an estimated turnaround time for works to be completed. However, please be aware most products are bespoke, and the turnaround time can vary and is dependent on order size and will be directly affected during our busy periods.   Once your order is ready, we will ring you to arrange a convenient date for fitting or delivery.

Installation of Works

Included within the cost of works, we will install, fit, hang and dress all soft furnishings provided by us.  We do this to ensure that all bespoke made to measure items are installed looking their best.


All lampshades are made to order. It is your responsibility to check the correct size, colour and fitting, and advise whether it’s for a ceiling or table lamp base. All lampshades are supplied with a convert plug to fit both British and European fittings.


If you wish to proceed with all or part of the estimate provided, a deposit of 40% is required, with the remaining balance on completion. Payment can be made either by cash, cheque or by bank transfer. All payments must be in sterling. Please allow 7 working days for cheques to clear.
Bank Transfer Details: HSBC Bank, Account Name: Sew Soft Furnishing Sort Code: 40-25-31  Account Number: 22451492   Cheques made payable to: Sew Soft Furnishing


You have the right to cancel your order at any time.  Please note that if you cancel your order we will only refund 50% of the labour charge as at the time of confirming your order, you are allocated time in the workroom according to the work agreed.  Where we have already placed orders with Suppliers, we cannot guarantee a full refund as most Suppliers charge a restocking fee.  Any payments made for labour already carried out by us at the time of termination will not be refunded, although any work completed at the time of termination will be supplied to you.

Repair, replace or refund

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your final product, please contact Sew Soft Furnishing within 7 days. Refunds will only be given if the product does not match the requiremnets agreed or is faulty, the product will need to be returned for inspection and the next step determined. Sew Soft Furnishing shall have no liability in respect of any defect arising from, fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence in using or caring for the goods, failure to follow the manufactures or Sew Soft Furnishing advice and recommendations, misuse or third party  alteration or repairs to the goods.


Complaints will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but within 7 days during office hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.